19 12 / 2011


Fresh Blood

"I’m so tired of the same old crud."

21 11 / 2011

Today is almost over.

The sooner I go to bed, the sooner I can wake up to a new day, new possibilities, a refreshed brain wiped of tepid ephemera. I can wake up and decide to change my attitude, change my attire, fill my soul with new thoughts that invite goodness (or reawaken the misplaced, forgotten part of me that beams with ineffable worth).

Every moment of the day I am responsible for keeping myself on the positive track. My attitude will shape my reality, my thinking will create either obstacles or green lights to my success and happiness.

As a small first step, this post was a choice to do something productive and (hopefully) positive, by freeing ragged thoughts from my head and preserving them in tangible form. (Though isn’t a blog kind of an abstract entity? I guess it could be both tangible and abstract…. Nevertheless, for my purposes it is sufficient.) As for the rest of the hopes charted out above, I will endeavor to make better choices tomorrow.

20 11 / 2011


How Do I Know

More of this.


19 11 / 2011


Freak Your Loneliness

From the Friday the 13th soundtrack (‘09 version) oddly enough. Enjoy.

17 11 / 2011

Lykke Li

I’m Good, I’m Gone

Enjoy some amazing Swedish talent. As for me, I’m good, I’m here.